Roby Workshop is the multi-disciplinary craft studio of textile artist Wendy Roby. Inspired by the hard geometry and Brutalist buildings of my ugly childhood hometown I attempt to transform old, humble and waste materials into beautiful, ordered forms. Experimentation and curiosity inform the woodwork, screenprinting, embroidery, cut work and appliqué techniques I use and  construction discoveries from my art inform the products I make.

My first solo exhibition ‘Materials, Markmaking & Minimalism’ – incorporating both artwork and products developed in my studio – launched on January 29th 2022 at Arc Arts Centre, Stockport. The exhibition ran for six weeks and included free workshops, giant embroidery for children and the opportunity to spend some mindful time adding your own stitches to a collaborative artwork of minimalist embroidery.

In the course of exploring new materials in the workshop, I often discover construction techniques or textile treatments that can be applied to practical objects. When that happens, I make a small edit of jewellery, accessories and apparel available for purchase. To find out when the next batch drops, follow me on instagram here. 

Roby Workshop is based in Houldsworth Mill, Reddish. If you would like to visit or enquire about a purchase, commission, collaboration or exhibition, drop me a line on [email protected] or message me on Instagram.